How To Effectively Get to the Next Division in Valorant

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Do you feel like getting to next division is tough maybe you’re stuck in your own head and don’t know what’s wrong? Wish you could improve at a faster rate. Well I’d love to share with you the most common reasons why players feel in a slump and some of the steps to start implementing into your daily basis it may come to your surprise but it’s not usually because of your aim you might think, hey this is a shooter game right so I need god-like aim and that’s why I’m not climbing in ranks in reality it’s most likely one or several of these skills that you might be lacking that we’re about to cover in this article.


Mentality is something that’s often overlooked or glossed over however I believe it’s the single biggest determining factor in your level of success in any given craft. Valorant is no exception so why is mentality so important? Well having a strong mentality allows for growth and positivity which will grant you the ability to constantly learn and absorb new concepts and ideas. Think about how you process your deaths and your kills? If you’re the type of player to get easily frustrated when you die, then it’s time to start actively recognizing and working on that bad habit.

On the flip side maybe you’re the type of player that isn’t usually sure on why you secured kills or won rounds for your team. If you’re able to frame your mindset in a more positive way you’ll be more open-minded to different possibilities and you can develop solutions that can put you one step closer towards the type of improvement that you seek.

For example, it’s okay to feel frustrated after you die in Valorant, but can you move past that death and be comfortable accepting it as it is. You died now what having a healthy mindset would dictate that you’re able to look for possible solutions to avoid that type of situation from happening. Even if the solution doesn’t work out you can always try until something finally works take pride in the ability to constantly evolve, be hungry to learn new things.


I want to start by saying that being consistent with your warm-up routine is far more important than having the right one. Each person has a different set of skills and the things they need to work on will vary from person to person. So, the number one key to warm up your aim is by changing the distance of where you’re shooting and how you shoot?

Regardless if you want to work on yours still, moving or appearing targets mixing up those parts is the best way to warm up your aim. Otherwise when you go into your games you won’t be as comfortable engaging your enemy at all the different ranges and angles.

Play a few rounds of hard bots if you have a hard time with this start with easy and eventually work your way up. Do this at your own pace and don’t feel pressured to do hard right away. Lastly practice a few rounds of spike defuse and spike plant scenarios this is usually the least utilized part of the range and I think it’s a great thing to end off on before you head into your first game.


You might think that playing the game is the best way to get better at the game you want to be good at. Well this is completely true but there is no such thing as playing too much or too little. For each person finding this balance is different as some players can play for longer without mental fatigue. When you’re feeling mentally out of it this is the easiest way to make sure you’re performing at your peak level.

If you’re not enjoying the game it’s always best to take some time off from playing maybe explore a new game, get some fresh air or spend some time with your loved ones. At the end of the day your own mental health is much more important than a rank in a game.


One of the most common issues I hear quite a bit player will often state that their teammates are holding them back and they are not sure how to win their games no matter what they do. If you really want them to listen, try and word in a more passive manner. For example, you could say: hey omen can you smoke this area and this area next time. Usually if you give them the option to try it versus telling them to do it bluntly it will result in less resistance.

Okay how about when teammates are still unwilling to cooperate even if you try to word things in a nicer tone or things aren’t working out the way you want. Try being more conscious of how your teammates are positioning themselves and playing more support role around them, are they looking to play aggressive? Are they holding the angle? By asking these questions you can get a better feel on how your teammates like to play and by matching their style you can start to help them when they do decide to do something.


You won’t improve until you can start noticing your mistakes, addressing the mistakes and recognizing where you went wrong is imperative for improvement. The trick is to notice your mistakes, make a mental note and implement a potential solution. It’s perfectly fine and normal for that solution not to work but this process must become natural for improvement to drastically start happening.

You must try to honestly sit down with yourself and reflect upon your game play. It’s scary to admit that you may make mistakes but trust me once you’re comfortable admitting it to yourself it’s one of the biggest steps to improving. Start with the big picture things that you’re doing wrong and moving towards specifics later on.

One thing to be super mindful of is that there is such a thing as over recognizing your mistakes. Funnily enough if you dwell on a mistake for too long it can consume you. A few mistakes don’t define your potential only you can truly do that for yourself.


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