Overwatch Ranks Explained: What Each Rank Means

Overwatch Ranks

First off let’s get the basics out of the way while yes it is called a competitive ladder it is not so much about a traditional climb as you might think from other games the one thing the game tries to do in this competitive system is trying to find the right place for you to play.

The ladder is all about trying to create balanced matches, so you’re not supposed to have a wall variation in rating throughout the season. The point is not to start in bronze and play your way up to grandmaster. You’re supposed to find your place and compete with other players of a similar skill level and that until you have improved significantly enough to compete with better players and a higher rating.


The ladder scales from one to five thousand with one obviously being the lowest possible rating in Bronze and 5000 being all the way up in Grand Master as part of the top 500 rating. Every division takes about five hundred points on the ladder with a couple exceptions:

  • 1 to 1499 is Bronze
  • 1500 to 1999 is Silver
  • 2000 to 2499 is Gold
  • 2500 to 2999 is Platinum
  • 3000 to 3499 is Diamond
  • 3500 to 3999 belongs to Masters
  • and anything above 4000 makes you a GrandMaster player

In addition to that you also have the top 500 batch assigned to the 500 highest rated players in every division disregarding the rank. That just means that assuming there was the division that has less than 500 grandmaster places in total and obviously master rank players could also obtain this badge.

Players Grouping Rules

Players from bronze to diamond can group up together as long as their ratings are not more than 1000 points apart from each other while masters plus can be no more than 500 points apart.

Skill Decay

Every rating starting from 3001 is also subject to skill decay. Every player in this rating is required to play at least seven matches a week or one match a day to avoid skill decay for every match play the timer will be pushed back by 24 hours if you want to know how much time you have left before skill decay cakes and you can simply right-click on the competitive play button to reveal additional information.

If you are not able to complete these seven matches per week requirement and you will suffer skill rating of fifty points per day but you will never decay further than to a flat 3000 rating. A skill decayed player will when they come back still compete with the same players they otherwise would mean if you decayed for my 4100 rating down to 3,000 and that does not mean that this Grandmaster rank players suddenly stormed diamonds until they get there ELO back.

Since matches are bound according to players hidden matchmaking ratings this player will still be competing with other grandmasters and until they got their original rating back they will be seeing a very favorable as our games meaning every victory gives them a gracious amount of their ELO back as well as losses only take away very little.

Ranking System

For everyone else the amount of SR all they get or loose for any victory or defeat is dependent on their own performance. Should a player lose a lot of matches due to bad luck while still performing consistently then they will lose less points the longer their losing streak last that mechanism exists to make sure a player does not drop down at a rating where they just stomp on everyone and buy that destroy skill balance in that ELO.

Simultaneously should a player be extraordinarily lucky and win a lot of matches without their own performance actually improving then they will see unfavorable SR gains that simply said every victory Awards them very few points and their losses takeaway significantly more obviously this mechanism exists to make sure a player does not get into a division that is too high for them to perform reliably and your hidden matchmaking rating or MMR for short is the record of your own performance throughout your ranked experience it takes a close look at how well you’re playing relative to the rating that you’re currently in.


What matters to your MMR is not your performance relative to the rest of your team gold melts for example only matter how well you’re doing relative to the members of your current team having or not having them is no indication for belonging into a higher or lower rating which makes them essentially pointless to a greater extent what matters is your performance compared to other players on your own hero in your own rating that means that your platinum soldier 76 is being compared to other soldier players in platinum if you prove to your MMR that you can consistently perform better than other soldiers in your ELO then your rating will increase and you will start seeing favorable SR organs that make a climate of the next division significantly more easy.


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