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Our #1 priority is you, our developers. We work tirelessly to provide you with the best game marketing, social media traffic, & design and branding. We don’t like to think of this as a Publisher/Developer relationship, but a partnership where we will do everything in our capacity to help your game be as popular as possible as quick as possible.

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UltraShock Gaming’s endless giveaways is the only thing a gamer will EVER need! Not only do we host giveaways, but hold events to bond as a community. Promote your game with UltraShock Gaming to our 1 million+ fans and become a winner.

Reviews: We Love the people we work with, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to developers, sponsors, and members. When you publish your game with us, there is no need to worry about anything. With several dozens of developers and counting, you cannot go wrong with UltraShock Gaming. Check out what our developers are saying about USG!

“They will shock you with the attention you will be given”

“”UltraShock Gaming, it’s an ultra-shock that these guys are so amazing to work with to begin with, you don’t see friendly and passionate folks like this around for most part, they will help you, they will promote you and most importantly, they will shock you with the attention you will be given.”

– Jack Darx, Developer of ZenoHell

“Ultrashock Gaming has been a long time partner and overall great group to me throughout my youtube career. Their giveaways are top quality, easy to enter, and overall amazing with great staff that care about it’s community. They give amazing results and they truely deliver, their giveaways have been a big source of the subscriptions I have today.”

RobtheAws, Youtuber
UltraShock Gaming is great to work with. They’re clear, helpful, and come through on everything they promise. The effect on our social media sites was incredible and went beyond our expectations.
Danny Jugan, Axis Games
Ultrashock Gaming did a big giveaway for Quantum Rush Champions, gaining us thousands of twitter followers and countless Facebook likes! The influx in players also brought attention and positive feedback to our Steam community. They definitely know how to connect players to your product!
Quantum Rush Developer, GameArtStudio
It’s here, it’s real, and couldn’t be better. Not to mention the kindness with which they adress to every person. 10/10* :)
Manuel Baptista, USG Member
Great and awesome service for giveaways, no hassle. Will use this website to participate in giveaways in the future!
T.Leeroy, USG Member

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